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Film & Television

Film & Television

Film & Television

Film & Television

”Queen At Sea” Feature
Director - Lance Hammer
Producer - Tristan Goligher

Line Producer - Filiz-Theres Erel
Prod Co. - The Bureau

“The Eternal Daughter” Feature
Director - Joanna Hogg
Producer - Andrew Lowe
Co Producer - Eimhear McMahon
Prod Co. - Element / A24

“Pirates” Feature
Director - Reggie Yates
Producers - Polly Lays, Kate Norrish
Line Producer - Dylan Rees
Prod Co. - Hillbilly / BBC Films

“After Love” Feature
Director - Aleem Khan
Producers - Matthieu De Braconier
Line Producer - Dylan Rees
Prod Co. - The Bureau / BBC Films


“The Marvels” Feature
(2nd Unit)
Director - Peng Zhang
UPM - Jamie Lengyel

Prod Co. - Marvel / Disney



“The 355” Feature

(2nd Unit)

Director - Sam Mendes

Producer - Richard Hewitt

UPM - Valentina Coccia

Prod Co. - Warner Bros.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Feature
(Splinter Unit)

Director - John Swartz

Producer -  Simon Emanuel

Prod Co. - Lucasfilm



“The Rise Of Skywalker” Feature

(Comms Mixer Jordan Unit)

Director - JJ Abrams

Producer - Callum Greene

Prod Co. - Lucasfilm



“The Kitchen” Feature
Directors - Kibwe Tavares & Daniel Kaluuya
Producer - Daniel Emerson
Co Producer - Angus Lamont
Line Producer - Steve Newton
Prod Co. - DMC / Netflix

“Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” Feature
(Additional Photography)
Director - Peyton Reed
Exec Producer - Jamie Christopher
UPM - Valentina Coccia
Prod Co. - Marvel Studios / Disney

“Ted Lasso: Season 2” Comedy (ep7-12)
Nominee: AMPS Award - Excellence in Sound for a Television Drama
Director - Multiple
Producer - Andrew Warren
UPM - Adam Hughes
Prod Co. - Warner TV / Apple

“Calm With Horses” Feature
Director - Nick Rowland
Producer - Daniel Emmerson
UPM - Adam Hughes
Prod Co. - DMC / Element / Film4


“Salvable" Feature

Directors- Bjorn Franklin & Johnny Marchetta 
Producers - Jamie Gamache, Connor O'Hara, Julien Loeffler, 

James Kermack
Line Producer - Joanna Vellacot
Prod Co. - Lowkey Films / Featurisitic Films


“Ted Lasso: Season 1, 2, 3” Comedy

(Double Bank Unit)
Director - Multiple
UPM - Multiple
Prod Co. - Warner TV / Apple



“Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny” Feature

(Splinter Unit)
Director - Dan Bradley
UPM - Martin Joy
Prod Co. - Lucasfilm / Disney


“The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain” Feature
(2nd Unit/ Main Unit Dailies)

Director - Will Sharp
Producer - Guy Heeley

UPM - Cheyenne Conway

Prod Co. - Amazon Studios


“Mickey 17” Feature

“Spent” Comedy

“House of Dragon: S2 Fire Unit" Drama

“Dreaming Whilst Black” Comedy

“Back to Black” Feature (Additional Photography) 

“Ghostbusters: Untitled Sequel” Feature

 “Gangs of London S3” Drama

“1917” Feature (Splinter Unit)

“The Eternals” Feature (Additional Photography)

“The Gold” Drama

 “Loki: Season 1 & 2” Drama         

“Dr Strange II” Feature (Splinter Unit)

“Shang-Chi” Feature (Additional Photography)

“Black Narcissus” Drama  (2nd Unit) 

“Sandman” Drama (2nd Unit) 

“Tin Star: Series 3” Drama (2nd Unit)

“Dr Who: Series 11” Drama (2nd Unit)   

“Cuckoo: Series 5” Comedy (2nd Unit)


David Giles London commercials sound recordist
David Giles Sound Mixer Commercial for Brave Marketing/ Courage- Buyako Saka/ Fiverr
David Giles London commerical sound mixer

“HSBC: Emma Raducanu" Commercial - Hill + Knowlton
“Nestle Lindahls x “Chelsea FC” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“New York Jets: Junior Jets ” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“Football Manager x Bromley FC" Commercial - Lowkey Films

“TMGM x Chelsea FC” Online - Courage / Brave

“LEGO Unstoppable FC x Beth Mead” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“LEGO Unstoppable FC x Sam Kerr” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“Xylem: Take The Waste Out of Water” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“Fiverr x Bukayo Saka: Leveling the Playing Field” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“Fiverr x Bukayo Saka: Ideadtorr” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“Betfred: World Cup Campaign” Commercial - Courage / Brave

“Barclays: Executive year round up” Corporate - Barclays

“Breast Cancer Care” Commercial - Rockhound / Smoke and Mirrors

“Jaguar Land Rover” Online - Rockhound / Smoke and Mirrors

“HTC: Believe” Commercial - Rockhound / Smoke and Mirrors

“BT: Challenge Cup” Corporate - Pukka Films

“Playstation 4: Training Video” Corporate - Rewind Media / Sony

“Farrw and Ball” Corporate - White Circle Film

“CEOP: Exploited” Corporate - Pukka Films

“Unison: Wake Up” Corporate - Neontetra Films

“Vroon: The Safer The Better” Corporate - Pukka Films

“Hess: Production Excellence Awards” Corporate - Pukka Films

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